'...a real soprano, her tone is beautifully placed..'

Christopher Morley

About April

April is a soprano with a passion for nuance and text which gets to the heart of both music and character. Equally at home on the opera stage, concert hall and recording studio, April has recently premiered the title role of John Joubert’s opera Jane Eyre in a live concert recording (due for release on SOMM Recordings in March 2017).

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Featured Review

‘An unusually charismatic performer, engaging herself emotionally from the first bar; I was mesmerised by the power of her voice, her control and her communication of musical passion. She had me on the edge of my seat and in tears’. Susan Elkin Reviews, February 2019

The New Album

‘Alan Charlton presided over these recordings before his untimely death, aged 47, last year. His innovative musical artistry comes through in heartfelt and energetic performances’

Michael Beek

BBC Music Magazine

Charlton’s vivid and imaginative cycle of Shelley’s epic poem The Cloud is brought to life by April Fredrick and William Vann in recordings done with the composer in the engineering booth.

Blooming Where You’re Planted: Becoming Red Lotus

Since May, I have been involved in an extraordinary project: Monk and Lotus, a new opera mingling...
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‘The River’: Improvisation and Sounding Reality

Four Drums and One Stage On Sunday, I went to an improvisation gig by a jazz quartet at a venue in...
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Smelly Shoes and Redemption

Today was a bit of a triumph, a laying to rest of old ghosts. For the first time in my memory, I...
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Suchet, Swingouts and Semiquavers

Tuesday was a day of contrasts not as great as they initially appeared. First that evening, I went...
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Death and the Semitone

‘For we shall be hereafter as though we had never been’. Cheery thoughts from Solomon, he of the...
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Afterglow of a Instant Classic

‘Music, when soft voices die…vibrates in the memory’ (Percy Shelley) Two days after the recording...
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Role as Relationship

Geography Learning a role is a bit like beginning a relationship. First comes the general...
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Lines in the Sand

Having just prepared a large chunk of Ilia from Mozart’s Idomeno with the lovely Kensington...
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The Balance of Furious Opposites: Dialectic in Jane Eyre

dialectic   noun  di·a·lec·tic \ˌdī-ə-ˈlek-tik\ 1:     philosophy: a method of examining and...
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And So, Dear Reader

I begin, or rather continue, a relationship begun many years ago. Jane, who is not beautiful but...
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Concert Diary

7 March - St Helens Church, OX

Abingdon and District Music Society
Alex Walker, conductor
St Helen’s Church, Abingdon, OX14 5BS

Strauss Vier Letzte Lieder

16 March— Theatre Royal Dress Circle Foyer, Nottingham

Theatre Royal/Royal Concert Hall Third Stage
‘The Course of True Love’

An innovative interactive recital featuring songs by Purcell, Sibelius, Schumann, Campion, Gibbs, Brahms, Faure, Ireland, Wolf, Debussy, Strauss, Poulenc, Vaughan Williams and McElroyas part of TRCH’s ‘Third Stage’ programme.

25 April Worcester Cathedral

English Symphony Orchestra
Neil Ferris, conductor
Philip Sawyers Mayflower on the Sea of Time (world premiere)

A major new work for soprano baritone soloists, children’s and women’s choir and orchestra, with David Stout, baritone as part of the Mayflower 400 celebrations.

7-8 May Dutch Melody, Mahler Festival Cruise (Saga Classical)

Recitals and a lecture about Mahler and his contemporaries as part of Saga Classical’s ‘Mahler Festival’ cruise for the centenary of the first Concertgebouw Mahler Festival in Amsterdam, the first such festival in a quarter of a century.

17 May Macky Auditorium, University of Colorado Boulder

MahlerFest Orchestra
Kenneth Woods, conductor
Macky Auditorium, University of Colorado Boulder

Mahler Symphony no. 2

6 June - Malvern Priory

English Symphony Orchestra
Kenneth Woods, condcutor
Malvern Priory

Strauss Vier Letzte Lieder (arr. Ledger)

April sings Strauss’ poignant masterpiece amid the ancient beauties of the medieval Priory.

13-14 June Hölderlin 2020 Festival, Tübingen, Germany

Alessandro Viale, piano
Pfleghofsaal MWI Tübingen

Geoffrey Àlvarez Hölderlinfenster (World Premiere)

April and Alessandro perform Àlvarez’ epic song cycle of Hölderlin poems (forthcoming on Sheva Records) as part of a major festival dedicated to his work in the town of his long residence overlooking the Nekar River.

20 June Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Wrexham Symphony Orchestra
Richard Howarth, conductor
Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Mahler Symphony no 8 (Soprano 1/Magna Peccatrix)

April returns to Bridgewater Hall with the WSO to sing Mahler’s colossal masterwork as part of their Mahler series.

28 June-5 July Saga Classical Music on the Danube Cruise

Eric McElroy, piano

April and Eric give three recitals and two lectures exploring the rich musical history of Vienna and the Danube as part of Saga’s Classical Music series.

29 July Three Choirs Festival

English Symphony Orchestra
Kenneth Woods, conductor
Kidderminster Town Hall

Philip Sawyers Mayflower on the Sea of Time

April returns to the Three Choirs Festival and to the stage with David Stout, baritone, for the second performance of Sawyer’s major new work for the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower.

31 August Sandringham

English Symphony Orchestra
Kenneth Woods, conductor

April joins a star-studded gala evening hosted by Brian Blessed and including a flyover.

12 December, Dei Gratia 'Messiah'

Dei Gratia Baroque Ensemble
Matthew O’Donovan, conductor
St. Mary’s Maidenhead

Handel Messiah

April returns with Dei Gratia to Maidenhead to perform Dei Gratia’s popular single-string version of Handel’s masterpiece.

Featured Review

‘a voice of such clarity and purity that it could almost move the stones itself’

Hereford Times, December 2019

Featured Review

‘A voice of such clarity and purity that it could almost move the stones itself’

Hereford Times, December 2019